Theses, Dissertations, and Reports

If you are interested in more scholarly research, check out these links to various academic works:

Jurgelski, W. M. “A New Plow in Old Ground: Cherokees, Whites, and Land in Western North Carolina, 1819–1829.” PhD diss., University of Georgia, Athens, 2004. Click here to read.

McMillion, Ovid Andrew. “Cherokee Indian Removal: The Treaty of New Echota and General Winfield Scott.” PhD diss., Eastern Tennessee State University, 2003. Click here to read.

Riggs, Brett and Lance Green. “The Cherokee Trail of Tears in North Carolina: An Inventory of Trail Resources in Cherokee, Clay, Graham, Macon, and Swain Counties.” University of North Carolina Research Laboratories of Archaeology and the Trail of Tears Association, North Carolina Chapter, 2006. Click here to read.

Rozema, Vicki Bell. “Coveted Lands: Agriculture, Timber, Mining, and Transportation in Cherokee Country Before and After Removal.” PhD diss., University of Tennessee, 2012. Click here to read.

Watson, Stephen. “”If This Great Nation May Be Saved?” The Discourse of Civilization in Cherokee Indian Removal.” Master’s thesis, Georgia State University, 2013. Click here to read.