Historic Maps

Many early historic maps were not made to scale and were reproduced for decades without updated town locations; however, these maps are still valuable, as they indicate the existence of geographical sites and other features such as trails and Native American towns. Wild South uses enlarged historic maps with colorized details to better understand areas of western North Carolina and the primary Cherokee homeland.

I generally break down historic maps into four key generations: historical maps before 1800; Removal era maps 1800 -1840; Civil War era maps 1861-1865; United States Geological Maps 1880 to about 1915.

1721 Barnwell Detail Nikwasi

The above map detail is from the 1721 Barnwell Map.

1727 Map

The above map entitled “A new mapp of his majestys flourishing province of South Carolina: shewing ye settlements of y[e] English, French and Indian Nation” was published by Colonel John Herbert in 1744.



The above colorized map detail is taken from a map produced from field surveys by George Haig, a surveyor who was apprenticed under George Hunter, Surveyor General of South Carolina in the early to middle 1700s. A note on the map says it was received from James Crokatt, a wealthy merchant from Charles Town, South Carolina on May 27th, 1752. The surveys were done some time before this. Of importance is the path from modern Franklin to modern Webster, proving that Tuckasegee Town was located where the great Cherokee trail, later called the Rutherford Trace, crossed the Tuckasegee River.


1755 Mitchell Map Detail

The above map detail is from the 1755 John Mitchell Map.

1817 John Coffee Map

The above image is of the 1817 John Coffee Map of the Cherokee boundary used to establish the Creek Indian boundary.

1818 Georgia - Early

The above map detail is from the 1818 Eleazer Early Map of Georgia showing Cherokee land.

1825 Tanner GA AL

The above map detail is from the 1825 Tanner Map showing the Alabama and Georgia Cherokee lands.

1865 Civil War Map

The above image is of an 1865 Civil War era map showing Qualla Town and the road system.