The body of information in this site are based on eight years of collecting  over 100,000 files, many of which are primary Cherokee documents that are rare and unpublished. From this database, we are extracting the most salient records that impacted the course of history surrounding the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Literally hundreds or thousands of testimonies can be found in the twenty years of litigation following the ejection of Cherokee American Citizens from 1820 to after 1824. Much has been written about the removal of the Cherokee Nation in 1838 but little has been written about the earlier civil rights crisis of the 1820’s. From the musty, crumbling parchment papers vaulted away in our national archives, native voices can be heard speaking through the ages.  Daniel Webster once said, “There is nothing so powerful as truth, and often nothing so strange.”  So it is when reading what really transpired during the Cherokee historical era in contrast to the curriculum taught to American students circa 1800 to 2015 which clearly is leavened with biased Anglo-American and European cultural perspectives. Our hope is that our presentation of historical facts will enlighten all. In addition to pure history, our focus will be on historical geography and ecology.

To teachers: you will find historical abstracts of general subjects and also important and sometimes little known events, persons, geographical information.

To students: you will find not only fresh information, but also graphics and maps to illustrate your reports and projects.

To family researchers and genealogists: you will find ancestors, relatives and relations in both pre and post Removal records.

To the general public: You will find our records fascinating, inspirational and educational.  The following subjects constitute an outline of history and each subject will be eventually uploaded.


Treaties, Speculators and American Politics 1780-1840

The Muscle Shoals Speculation, 1783-1789

Treaty of Holston 1792

The Treaty of Hopewell

Treaty of Tellico 1798

The Meigs Line 1802

1802 Georgia Compact with Jefferson

War of 1812 & the Creek War of 1813-14

Treaties of 1817 and 1819, Cherokee Citizens and Reserves, Volunteer Emigrants, Claims

Expulsion of Citizen Cherokees from their Reservees – NC Treaty of 1824

Removal Treaty of 1835

US Army Reconnaissance 1837 of Western North Carolina

Removal 1838, Claims, Preemptions, Spoilations, Valuation Records


Genesis of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians: Qualla Indians – Indiantown, Quallatown

W. H. Thomas Land Acquisition for Cherokees

W. H.  Thomas DC Lobbying 1840s

W. H.  Thomas Civil War 1859-1865

W. H.  Thomas – Financial Decline – Mental Collapse

Eastern Band Forced into Legal Battle for Qualla Boundary

Temple Survey

The Reign of the Bureau of Indian Affairs

Indian Schools – Boarding, Day Schools, 1890 – 1940s

EBCI – Plunder of the Cherokee Lands by Big Timber & Timber Theft

EBCI during the Great Depression

Reference: the absolute best and most useful books, theses, and dissertations.  We also will list the best web resources including university collections of historical maps and digital collections.


Articles and Publications by Wild South

The Cherokee: Their Trails

Blue Ridge Outdoor Magazine originally published a feature article by Lamar Marshall about the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians history and especially their buffalo culture.

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